Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 6 post

Hello everyone, once again I am behind for this week, for the second week in a row, which is irritating for me. The only thing I really got accomplished was doing some more bacterial DNA extractions. I feel like I am trying to juggle way too many chaotic things in my life at one time. I am not sure if I'm the only confused one at this point or not about every aspect of life but I sure wish I could find a way to clear everything up. I have also never done anything research related until I got into this program, so I feel a little stupid. Not many things make me feel stupid but this is one of the few so it's extremely frustrating for me and makes me want to just give up, but nobody ever got anywhere in life by quitting right?
This is a picture of my DNA extractions so far. 


  1. Hey, Nathan I am sincerely sorry you have been having a lot on you're mind lately. But don't let this discourage you, when i first joined this program I was to completely lost too and didn't know anything I was doing. But with the help of a colleague I was able to figure things out. If you every need help with anything don't be afraid to ask any questions. We are here to help you. Best of luck to you.

  2. Nathan, no worries! There's a lot of aspects of school that are confusing! I find I do the most learning when I struggle. You know you can always reach out to me. Please do so! I haven't heard much about your project lately!